Corporation & LLC Formation

Corvallis And Albany Business Formation Attorneys

Forming a business is a significant venture to embark on. Each step of the process of forming your business entity is important, and with careful planning and solid legal advice you can be certain that your legal interests are protected both now and in the future. At Evashevski Elliott PC, we work with business owners and professionals in Corvallis, Albany and the surrounding areas. We are business attorneys who have experience handling legal matters, including business formation, contract negotiations and more.

Serving the Oregon Areas of Albany and Corvallis — LLC Formation Attorneys

Building the foundation of a successful business begins with proper planning. The Corvallis and Albany business formation lawyers at our firm will meet with you, discuss your business goals and provide advice about the most appropriate legal approach to take in protecting your interests. Our approach to forming a business is one that is direct and includes:

  • Determining the right entity to form: We will discuss the benefits of forming corporations, including a limited liability corporation (LLC), partnership, nonprofit organization, family trust or other types of entities.
  • Drafting contracts: Our Albany business formation lawyers have significant experience drafting contracts, including partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, employment law agreements and more. We will craft a contract in a way that protects you and your business' interests. We will also work to avoid any complications in the future by identifying potential areas for contract disputes early on and taking action in making appropriate changes.
  • Employment law advice: We can help you with employment contracts and severance agreements for employees, assist with drafting employment manuals and other documents and provide comprehensive advice about staffing a team and avoiding potential legal challenges in the future.

Continuous Legal Counsel

Throughout the life of your business our lawyers will provide continuous legal counsel that is tailored to meet your needs. When we work with you through the process of forming your business entity, we will become familiar with your business objectives and goals, which allows us to more effectively anticipate your legal needs. In having a strong understanding of your case, we can take preventative measures to make sure that from a legal standpoint your interests are protected. Our goal is to create a strong foundation with our clients so that a mutually beneficial and lasting relationship can be created.

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Please contact our Oregon offices to schedule an initial consultation. At your consultation you will meet with an experienced attorney at our firm who will provide an objective assessment of your situation. Contact us by email or by telephone at 541-402-4470 (Corvallis office), 541-917-0100 (Albany office).