Contract Drafting & Negotiation

Corvallis And Albany Attorneys For Contract Drafting And Negotiations

An effectively drafted contract protects all parties involved while poorly crafted contracts can cause complex disputes that may only be resolved through costly legal battles. The business attorneys at Evashevski Elliott PC, routinely work with clients throughout Oregon's Willamette Valley in legal matters involving contract review, contract drafting and resolution of contract disputes. We will provide an objective analysis of your legal situation and offer advice about the next steps to take.

Contract Review and Drafting

At Evashevski Elliott PC, we help individuals, professionals and business owners with all elements of drafting contracts. Our work includes:

  • Helping employees and employers with contracts and agreements relating to employment law
  • Drafting and review of business agreements, such as shareholder agreements, partnership agreements and more
  • Review of establishment agreements and advice about potential proposed changes

Working with an attorney early in the process can save an immense amount of time, stress and money in the future. Our Corvallis and Albany contract negotiation lawyers will craft an agreement that is tailored to meet your specific needs and will work to avoid the possibility of conflict in the future.

Contract Dispute Resolution

At Evashevski Elliott PC, we have significant experience resolving even the most heated contract disputes. Our goal is to identify the underlying cause of the dispute and resolve matters as efficiently as possible. We will seek to resolve the dispute through skillful negotiations and other forms of resolution outside the courtroom, such as mediation. However, our litigation attorneys are always ready to litigate matters if the situation calls for it.

Contact our Corvallis Legal Contract Attorneys

Please contact our Oregon offices to schedule an initial consultation. At your consultation you will meet with an experienced attorney at our firm who will provide an objective assessment of your situation. Contact us by email or by telephone at 541-402-4470 (Corvallis office), 541-917-0100 (Albany office).