Child Support - Establish, Modify & Enforce

Corvallis And Albany Child Support Attorneys

The financial support that your children receive after a divorce can directly affect their lives. By working with a lawyer at Evashevski Elliott PC, you can be certain that financial matters such as calculating an appropriate amount of child support will be determined effectively. Our Corvallis and Albany child support lawyers represent clients throughout Oregon's Willamette Valley in divorce and family law matters, including child support establishment, modifications of child support and child support enforcement.

Establishing Child Support Obligations

Child support is calculated based on several different factors including each parent's income, the number of children each parent has, medical insurance coverage, day care expense, etc. While calculating child support payments may sound fairly straightforward, it is important to have a lawyer helping you through this process to make certain your children receive the support they deserve. The family law lawyers at Evashevski Elliott PC, can identify if there are factors that would allow for deviation from the guidelines and can explain how that may affect your situation.

Enforcement Actions and Child Support Modifications

If your former spouse owes back child support and medical reimbursement payments, we can take legal action to hold him or her accountable for paying those past due balances. Additionally, we represent parents in child support modifications. This may be necessary in situations such as when one parent's income has changed substantially, when there is a significant change to day care expense, when a parent has a new child, or when children graduate high school or college.

Modifications may also be necessary in situations when custody or visitation/parenting plan changes occur. Not all changes in income, child-related expenses and household size will result in a change to the child support calculation that is favorable to the parent seeking the change. Our experienced child support attorneys can assist you in all types of situations by providing knowledgeable and straightforward legal advice.

Serving the Willamette Valley — Corvallis Child Support Enforcement Attorneys

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