Child Relocation/Parental Move-Aways

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A change in circumstance can make it necessary for a parent to move across the state, or even across the country. In situations where there is an established custody or visitation agreement, you may need an attorney to help you make changes to the custody or parenting time agreement and to enforce your parental rights. At Evashevski Elliott PC, we are very familiar with the factors that the courts look for in move-away cases and will protect your best interests. For more than 25 years we have been a trusted resource for knowledgeable legal advice regarding family law including divorce/dissolution in Oregon.

Parent Relocation Requests — Effects on Custody and Visitation

When a parent seeks to relocate and take the child(ren) with him or her, there are specific notice requirements to the other parent and to the court. Given the drastic effects that a move could have on a child, Oregon courts do not take this issue lightly. Some of the many factors that the courts will examine include:

  • Established relationship with both parents: Will the child be able to maintain the current relationship that he or she has with both parents?
  • Factors/reason for moving: Does the reason for moving benefit the child? What is in his or her best interests?
  • Child's relationship with other family: Will the move affect the child's established relationship with other family members such as aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins?

Our comprehensive experience allows us to represent parents who are seeking to take children with them in a relocation as well as parents contesting relocation requests. Our Albany and Corvallis child relocation attorneys understand how to approach the case from an objective outlook and present your side of the story effectively in the courtroom. Simply stated, our lawyers are prepared to strongly advocate for you.

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